The Ultimate Motivation Hack

The Ultimate Motivation Hack

If you want to lose weight and get in shape then you need to understand how motivation (or lack of) influences your results.

Think of motivation as the fuel that propels you toward your goals. If you lack motivation, chances are that you’re not going to get very far! You’ll give up on your goals right when you hit the first bump on the road.

Trying to make yourself have motivation is like trying to make yourself to fall in love. It’s not exactly something you can just make happen through pure choice and effort. It has to come from inside YOU. You have to have that deep, burning desire inside you to make your health and fitness goals come true.

You need to ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” and “Why is this so deeply important to me?”

Take some time right now to reflect on WHY being fit and healthy is important to you.

Once you know the answer, you’ve uncovered your sense of purpose.

So why is having a sense of purpose so important?

Well, the bottom line is that all health and fitness success is only possible when you have that burning desire within you.

Here’s 4 ways purpose drives motivation:

1. Having a sense of purpose is closely tied to your goals.

Have clear and defined goals for your future. Decide what you want to accomplish and use that as fuel to propel you forward. If you want to lose 5 kilos, imagine yourself 5 kilos lighter. Every day you should try to spend some time visualizing yourself after your weight loss. Picture yourself healthy, happy and fit. Write your goals down in your journal, or better yet, on a sheet of paper and stick it to the fridge. Anytime you feel weak, go read those goals again and remind yourself WHY you’re doing this. Your goals will help fuel your ambition and hold you accountable.

2. Having a sense of purpose lays the foundation of your daily habits.

When you have a sense of purpose your life becomes more streamlined. You’ll understand what’s important and what isn’t. Sure, you can veg out in front of the TV after work, but you already know that going to the gym is the better choice. You’ll begin to understand that your daily habits will either take you closer to your dreams or further away from them. When you have a sense of purpose, you’ll try to drink more water, eat cleaner, and do your best to get a workout in no matter how busy and tired you might be that day.

3. Having a sense of purpose becomes your “WHY” when times are tough.

We’ve all been there – running low on motivation and doubting ourselves when things get difficult. Whether it’s a diet change or starting a new workout regime, you’ll eventually face a hurdle that will make you wonder WHY you’re doing this.

People who lack purpose usually give up on their health and fitness goals at this stage. They just don’t have the inner conviction to follow through on their original goals when times get hard, or they forget why they started in the first place. They see the obstacle and not the opportunity to follow through.

On the other hand, when you have a sense of purpose, it will remind you why this is so important to you. It will push you forward even when you feel weak.

4. Having a sense of purpose fuels positive emotions and ambition.

Motivation starts with desire and emotions. Positive emotions drive motivation and negative emotions drain it. It’s hard to get yourself motivated when you feel bad about yourself or your life.

Your sense of purpose needs to be positive, inspiring and uplifting for you to succeed. Create a positive outlook and surround yourself with positive people with like-minded goals. If you have any doubters or naysayers in your life, don’t pay them any attention. Work hard and prove them wrong.

The more you follow through on your health and fitness goals, the more progress you’ll see, and the more positive you’ll feel about yourself. This will create a positive cycle that will make your fitness journey a lot easier!

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