Terms and Conditions

Fee Structure: Invoices shall be inclusive of GST and fees are payable upon receipt of invoice.

These fees include an insurance component to cover our liability in case of an accident as defined in the policy. All financial students should be covered by this insurance.

However, unpaid fees may disqualify your insurance cover and for this reason you are required to advise Scorpion International in writing of any reason why these fees have not been paid. Scorpion International Tennis has the right and will terminate any client for unpaid fees due to the above insurance liability requirement. 

Inability to attend lesson policy: Should a player be unable to attend their designated lesson then Scorpion International will attempt to allocate the student to a makeup class. This is not an obligation.

Should the student still be unavailable to attend the make up class allocated there will be no further correspondence entered into and the student fee will be forfeited.

Fees are set to numbers attending and class numbers are regulated to allow maximum learning within the group. Once the maximum number per class is reached no additional students are allowed and the place in the group is held for existing students. In practice this means if a player is absent for one lesson per term then that students place is not filled during their absence. 

However, in the case of a long-term illness or unforeseen circumstances, a refund on unused fees may apply or be deducted against fees for the following term. 

Should a trainer not be able to attend any lesson due to unforeseen circumstance, then the school, as well as parents and students will be notified and a full make up lesson, as per wet lesson, apply. 

Wet Lesson: When lessons are washed out due to weather that lesson will be allocated to another time or extra minutes per week will be added to the lesson to make up the time. Alternatively an indoor lesson on strategy, play and fitness may be called if a suitable room is available. No refund of fees will be made due to weather conditions and we endeavor to work with you to achieve optimal outcomes.

Class Disciplines: Scorpion International requires a level of class order for the enjoyment of all students in the delivery of the tennis programs. Should any student come to the attention of the CEO from any staff member the student in question will be given every opportunity to respond for his or her behavior. Should under consultation with parents and/or student the issue not be resolved satisfactorily then Scorpion International has the right to terminate the student from the club. Fees paid and not used may be refunded.  .

Health Issues:  Students with health issues are to inform the trainer on the day if not before.

If there is a long-term illness parents are to inform Administration in writing at entry enrolment to the academy and options considered for students should an illness be ongoing.

Students with special needs shall not be enrolled in a group class and a one on one training option offered. 

Uniforms:  Scorpion International has a uniform policy for playing or training. This uniform is mandatory for Saturday coaching and fixture level representing the club.

However, uniforms are offered for purchase to students playing or training outside these time frames but are not mandatory. 

The products offered are off the highest quality and both, cap and T-shirt, are UPF 50.

These high standards are in line with our commitment to the well being of our players.

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