Scorpion Hotshots

Saturday 8am - 9am (Winter), Parish Courts
Tuesday 3.30 - 4.30 Parish Courts
109 Yallambee Rd, Jindalee QLD 4074


Hotshots Blue


Hotshots Red


Hotshots Orange

Learning Through Play

One of the core components of a Hot Shots based program is the innovated, practical philosophy called "learning through play." Hotshots classes are designed to be fun, tactical, skills and social. At Scorpion, kids are encouraged to serve, rally and score, refining their skills through playing tennis. At the same time, they can learn how to build their teamwork skill and show sportsmanship during game play.

Modified Equipment

At Scorpion, we recognise the challenges of kids who are trying tennis for the very first time. It is therefore important for them to have a modified set of equipment that is practical and suitable for their levels and physical abilities.
We believe that kids will be encouraged to learn through play with the provided equipment from Tennis Australia, including the smaller racquets and low-compression ball courts, together with our accredited and passionate coaches.

Progressive Pathway

Scorpion Hotshots is designed to be challenging yet fun at the same time. Students are encouraged to improve their skills at their own pace. At Scorpion, students are grouped in accordance with their skill and age through our three stages, Blue, Red and Orange. These stages help our coaches to focus on key skills development so a better, more suitable teaching style can be utilised.

Blue Hotshots (Age 4–6)

Players will develop Fundamental and Perceptual Motor Skills (FPMS). They unclude Locomotor, Balance Skills and Ball Skills. They will also learn simple balance, swing patterns, basic racquet and ball skills.

Red Hotshots (Age 5–7)

Players will develop basic strokes including forehand, backhand, volley and serve. They will continue to refine their rally skills through throwing, hitting and catching. Red Hotshots players, after finishing this level, are able to score and understand the rules of the game..

Orange Hotshots (Age 6–8)

Players after completing this level, will have proper contact and control of the ball. They will continue refining their strokes, grips and contact points. They will also develop their shapes including the use of spin.