Junior Coaching

The aim of our academy is to provide the best tennis teaching facility for junior players so that they can develop their skills to an advanced level as they get older. Therefore, we have a comprehensive range of classes tailored for all levels and ages at four different schools from Monday to Saturday during school term (subject to public holidays).

Fixtures Competition

The Scorpion International Tennis' Fixtures Competition program is designed to provide your child the opportunity to enjoy useful match play experience with the other students with the same skill level. Fixtures are held each week of the school term on Saturday mornings at the Parish Courts (subject to public holidays).

9am - 11am
All levels catered for: Starter fixtures (help given), Intermediate, and Advanced level.
Fees: $18.00 per session on a term basis. $22.00 casual.

Squad Training Program

Our squad training program is designed based on the Spanish training system. Students in these classes are looking to competition, tournaments, US Education scholarship or professional. We have bases in Spain to facilitate any objective.

Advanced level with high intensity trainers.
Max 6 per group
Time: 2 hours
Courts allocated: Parish / Kenmore State High
Times: Monday: 6pm to 8pm Parish Jindalee
Thursday: Kenmore State High 3.15 to 5.15
Under the guidance of Richard Haines, Head trainer and senior HPE teacher
Fees: $66.00 per session on a term fee. Places are limited.

Junior Private Coaching

Scorpion's private coaching offers the most effective way to boost juniors' tennis skills through personalised one-on-one sessions with our highly qualified coaches. Semi private lessons (shared private lessons) are also available ($5 extra) (2 person limit)

60 Minutes

Per Lesson

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