Success Stories

Denham, Browns Plains

I've travelled extensively and I find Go Health Clubs is the closest things you can get to training at one of those big American gyms. The atmosphere, the equipment and the people you find at Go Health Clubs are really motivating and inspiring. Being an engineer, I sit down in an office for 10 hours a day, and I love being able to go to the gym after work and clear my mind - it's purely physical. I've competed for the past four years and I did my whole prep at Go Health Clubs. You can be an eighty year old training or someone who is right into their fitness and competitions - Go Health Clubs suits everyone. Create your own success story - 3 Days Free


Go Health Clubs is different because it makes you feel that you are part of something! I've been to other gyms before, and any gym has equipment but it's the real atmosphere that makes Go unique. I like to be very social when I train, and most importantly it's not just about the exercise for me, it's all about the experience. It's so easy to get my friends to come to Go and workout with me. As soon as you walk in the music is pumping, there is bright lights, the atmosphere is amazing! Most of my friends call it a nightclub with fitness equipment, which makes it a really cool place to be, and get fit at the same time! Fitness is the bonus really! Create your own success story - 3 Days Free!

James, Carindale

Go Health Clubs has changed my life because it's made fitness fun and exciting! I originally weighed in at 140kgs - which was shocking and I could barely walk up a set of stairs. After losing close to 30kgs, I'm now at 17% body fat! I used to be a member at a 24-Hour gym chain - it was just boring! There just wasn't a lot happening. Where as with Go Health Clubs, the atmosphere is awesome and everybody talks and encourages each other. Thanks to Go Health Clubs, I now look towards the future and know anything really is possible! Create your own success story - 3 Days Free


I had just had my third baby when i decided I had a bit of baby weight to lose, and I wanted to get out there and get back some of the fitness I had previously. When I saw Go Health Clubs was opening in my area, I had a quick look and decided to jump right in! I love the atmosphere, I love that all the equipment is top of the range - they have so much variety in terms of the classes they offer and the equipment that I can use. All the staff are really friendly, and obviously the fact that there is a kids zone where I can put my kids in the safe hands of the friendly staff so I can go off and do my own workout. I find that if I'm fit, it's not only easier to run after them, but I'm happier in myself and I have way more energy. Create your own success story - 3 Days Free

Ashlea , Browns Plains

I've lost 42kgs in my time at Go Health Clubs and it's been great! I love the clubs, everyone is friendly - the staff all say hi and bye! I find the staff very motivating but I find it's the variety that keeps me there!  The Group X classes have built up my Cardio like you wouldn't believe! I can bounce around in a Body Combat class for the hour, and whilst I am buggered afterwards I always feel refreshed! Before joining Go I had no drive, no motivation and could never have done an hour exercise class! Thanks to Go Health Clubs, I now find I'm outgoing and have the confidence to do the things I love without doubting myself. Create your own success story - 3 Days Free

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